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Monday, March 19, 2012


We are constantly creating ourselves. Our "selves" are, in fact, merely the result of the act of this creation -  ephemeral, transient things that we all believe in based on what we have created around us.

The trouble is, we so easily forget that this self is never solidified. Because it seems to solidify. As time goes on it seems we are more and more sure of who we are. In fact, we only truly know who we "are" when we know what we want and when we create what we want. In this way, we resemble more and more, as times goes on, who we are, because as our creation continues over the time of our existence, it has no choice but to reflect us.

So while there is not, in fact, a "me", there is an evolving entity that grows more and more to reflect my will. My will is expressed in everything I think, feel and do, in every choice I make. And as my will expresses itself, reality and personality meet and intertwine to create an individual with a particular life, with particular habits, with a particular perspective.

This may help us. It may help us when we wish to walk further along the way on which we are walking. Because momentum exists in all things. Every choice we make creates a momentum for another, similar choice. In this way the world and the individual conspire to bring forth a singular human expression. It may be ugly or beautiful or plain. And we have shared in its creation every step of the way.

But when we are not content with our path, the laws of nature thwart us. Our past choices stand before us, our creation - our life - does not easily let us off the path. Or we stumble from path to path, searching for a way that speaks to us.

And so sometimes it is useful to remember, again, that there is no us. This "me" that appears to be me, is only the sum total of my past choices, grown in and through the earth of my life. So break free of your attachment to this "you", forget the path you are on or the trail from which you came. Close your eyes a little and walk blindly. Walk to the summit of your heart. No one knows who you are, not even you.

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